The Indianapolis Radio Club May 28, 2015

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2015 Field Day Information

As has been the case for the last few years, Tom Chance (K9XV) is organizing the Indianapolis Radio Club Field Day effort here in Central Indiana. Tom pretty much has this all down to a science and all one need do is volunteer, show up, and get on the air. Field Day is always a lot of fun and the bands are super active. There will be thousands of stations to work. Please read on and volunteer for a few hours if you can.

But to start, If you're new to FD, please check out what's happening. FD is the biggest ham radio event of the year for the whole United States (no matter the event or contest). And even if you'd just like to stop by and see what's going on, please do. You don't have to operate or help set up. If you're a new ham or an old timer who hasn't been on for a while, just stop by, you'll be glad you did.

It starts at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 27 and ends 24 hours later at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 28. You can come by anytime you like. You don't have to be there at 2 p.m. when Field Day starts. We will be there all day and all night and into Sunday afternoon. There will be a lot of guys there (25 to 40 guys at a time). The site will be open the whole 24 hours and you can come and go as you like.

Field Day will be held at Camp Belzer, the Boy Scout Camp on the east side of Indianapolis.

This year Field Day will be the combined effort of 4 area clubs. The clubs are; the Indianapolis Radio Club, the Hoosier DX Contest Club, the RCA Radio Club and the W9IMS ARC.

There will be 3 HF stations, two SSB (phone) and one CW (code).

Our entry in Field Day will be as a club station with 3 HF transmitters. Therefore, the on the air report we will be giving is 3 Alpha, Indiana (3A IN).

There will also be a 6M station. If you like VHF, the 6M station will be available the whole 24 hours. And because it is Field Day, if there are any 50 MHz openings there can really be a lot of activity.

The call sign we'll be using for Field Day is W9JP (the club call sign for the Indianapolis Radio Club).

There will also be a, "Get on the Air" station, a "GOTA" station. The GOTA station is for any ham who has a license but has never been on the air (or hasn't been on for a while). If you've got your license but haven't had a chance to use it, Field Day is right down your alley. It's the perfect opportunity to actually get on the radio using the shortwave frequencies with another ham right beside you to show you the ropes. Also, the GOTA station is open to anyone who is not a ham. This is a great weekend to bring someone out to Field Day and let them get on the air and try ham radio out. So if you know someone who might be interested in amateur radio, get in touch with them and bring them out to the camp. There will be a lot of other hams there who will be glad to see you and your friend.

Overnight camping is available right at the Field Day site (free). A lot of guys like to camp for Field Day and hang out (even if they're not operating). It may be the Boy Scout camp on the edge of the city, but it's still camping. Bring your tent, camper or van and favorite sleeping bag (don't forget a pillow). Men's and women's facilities are available (also showers).

The address for the Boy Scout Camp is, 6102 Boy Scout Road, Lawrence, IN 46226. Boy Scout Road is located on the east side of Indianapolis about a 1/2 mile east of 465 on 56th Street. Turn north on Boy Scout Road. The camp entrance is about 1/2 a mile down the road on the left. We will be set up next to the main parking lot. You can't miss us.

FD setup is from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Tear Down is from 2:00 p.m. till 3:00 p.m +/- .

Tom needs a bunch of guys for setup and tear down. If you'd like to man a rope, push up a mast, help run coax, etc, there is always a need for setup and tear down guys.


July 11 is the Indianapolis Hamfest. The club will have a tent and display.
The main contact for the “NEW HAMS DISPLAY” & DIGITAL
Will be:  Tom Chance  K9XV @,  & Hank Wolfla  K9LZJ (
Also assisting is Mark  W9MGB is helping with tent covers etc.
Bob W9PSE can help on pre-set up on Friday before the event.
Please volunteer to stop by and help at the booth during the Hamfest.
INFO for NEW HAMS &  a  K-3 operating HF Digital Modes are to be displayed.

Contact Tom Chance or Hank Wolfa if you can help. Tickets are $6.OO contact WA9FDO for details and tickets. Check the website also at

September 19: Greenfield Hamfest at First Church of God,
Greenfield. Go to for more info.

Hilltop Contest will be September 26. Bob Burns, W9BU, and Tony Stokes, KU9V, will
be coordinating this and the rules are posted on the website. Select the link above and look for the PDF file for the full set of rules.

Indinanapolis Radio Club Four Grid Award will be available for making 2 meter FM simplex contact with hams in the four grid squares in the Indianapolis area. Please contact K9RU for details. Please check the Operating page for more details.

Check the Indy Fox Hunting Group facebook page for details concerning the next Indy fox hunt.

The club members check into the weekly net on 224.80 at 8:00 and 146.88 at 8:15PM local time on Tuesday Nights.

The weekly six meter experimental net is on the 52.7 IPL repeater at 7:30 local time on Thursday nights.

There will be an informal social time prior to the IRC meeting, starting around 7:00. The meeting will be held in Room 101-2 of the IFC building of the Ivy Tech Community College 2535 N. Capitol Ave. This building is located just west of the building we have been meeting in, and there is parking adjacent to this building. Point your browser to for a map.

The Indianapolis Radio Club was founded in 1914 and has met continuously since. The club is a general interest group that meets on the second (2nd) Friday of each month except July and August. "Meetings start at 7:30 PM with a short business meeting followed by a program of interest to all. Preceeding the meeting, there is an informal social session that starts at 7:00 PM, where members and visitors can chat and exchange information over refreshments. The IVY tech radio club meetings are held concurrently with the Indianapolis Radio Club meetings.

There is an Amateur radio station W9JP located in the facility which the club operates and maintains. Talk in is normally on the 146.07/67 or the 146.10/70 repeater.

2015 Officers:
· President: David Spoelstra, N9KT – EMAIL,
· Vice Pres.: Dave Miller, K9RTT - ..EMAIL
· Secretary: Ken Bandy, KJ9B - ..EMAIL
· Treasurer: Rhonda Curtis, WS9H - ..EMAIL
· Chief Operator: Tom Chance, K9XV - ..EMAIL
· Dir. at large: Jim Rinehart, K9RU – EMAIL
· Dir. at large: Jerry Skoll, KC9DTB - ..EMAIL
· Dir. at large: Bob Osterhous - ..EMAIL
· W9JP Trustee: Don Hemenover, N9DOO – EMAIL

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