The Indianapolis Radio Club May 30, 2014

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Please forward to all hams!!!!!

The Indianapolis Radio Club will have a 100 year exhibit at the Indianapolis Hamfest

Come see a period novice station, qsl card displays and antique equipment along with other items.

Come see the displays of equipment built in Indianapolis and more items from the Indianapolis Radio Club history

The Indianapolis Hamfest will be held, July 12, 2014 at the Marion County Fair Grounds. 

The Indoor table building, along with the forums building are air conditioned. There are several acres available for outdoor flea market.

Air conditioned buildings, acres of outdoor flea market space, and Amateur Radio Testing on the grounds, will make this year’s Hamfest, bigger and better than ever.

The Indianapolis Radio Club, W9JP, is celebrating their 100th Anniversary.  Come and visit their Exhibit at the Hamfest.

For more information, and locations for Advance Sale Tickets, visit the Indianapolis Hamfest web site:

Field Day Results from Tom Chance Chief Op

Here are some highlights ------
1.  We setup as 2A this year with CW and Phone Station several hundred feet apart for isolation.
2. We used NE9T as the GOTA station this year.  We have met a new friend in Rufus NE9T who setup in the adjacent field and he had quite a setup.  I have already received a text from Rufus thanks us for all the help!!
3. The band were mediocre at best.  Was a struggle to make a good run.
4. Successfully tested the 2014 WRTC Multi-Two contest station -- Mike W9RE, Mark N5OT and myself learned alot about K3s, filters, triplexers and N1MM, etc
5. Had two generators this year, one gas and one Propane.
6. No RV this year. We did have a second shelter for CW and all went well.
7. Rain on and off Saturday but no lightning!!
8. Many boy scouts and interested hams visited on Saturday and Sunday.  Have some ideas for GOTA next year.
9. Blew up only one power supply
Special thanks to Jim K9RU for his support and engineering on the fly; Jim AF9A for use and training of his generator and radio, Matt Fearnow for his excellent homemade breakfast on Sunday, Mike W9RE for use of his generator and K3, etc; Mark N5OT for his equipment and operating, Bill WY9T for his scheduling effort (THANKS!); Bob W9PSE for his supplies and antenna launcher.
Special thanks to Jay W9TC and Leroy WA4OTD for there CW tag team success!  I am going to have separate them!!! LOL
Radar as always you are steady as she goes ... Working 40 and 80 meter pile ups.  And still have to determine the guys who showed at 1 and 3 AM to work the 80 meter pile ups.
Dave K9RTT as always is pushing the 6 meter envelope.   Mike N9NS brought the 40/20M Antenna and solar setup for those extra points!!! 
Everyone ---- Please forward pictures .... 
And oh,  by the way Camp Belzer as a site was fantastic for camping, setup, public access, etc ...


  • The IRC Hilltop event will be held on September 27. Select radio button above for details and rules.

    Watch for IRC jackets pins and shirts to be availble in the future.

    There will be an informal social time prior to the meeting, starting around 7:00. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MEETING WILL BE HELD IN A NEW LOCATION! This meeting will be held in Room 101-2 of the IFC building of IVYTech at 2535 N. Capitol Ave. This building is located just west of the building we have been meeting in, and there is parking adjacent to this building. Point your browser to for a map.

    Check the Indy Fox Hunting Group facebook page for details concerning the next Indy fox hunt.

    The 100th year anniversary committee is being chaired by Tom Chance, K9XV.

    Club Meetings are currently held at the Ivy Tech Community College.

    The club members check into the weekly net on 224.80 at 8:00 and 146.88 at 8:15PM local time on Tuesday Nights.

    The Indianapolis Radio Club was founded in 1914 and has met continuously since. The club is a general interest group that meets on the second (2nd) Friday of each month except July and August. "Meetings start at 7:30 PM with a short business meeting followed by a program of interest to all. Preceeding the meeting, there is an informal social session that starts at 7:00 PM, where members and visitors can chat and exchange information over refreshments.

    There is an Amateur radio station W9JP located in the facility which the club operates and maintains. Talk in is normally on the 146.07/67 or the 146.10/70 repeater.

    Elections: All officers have been involved in the planning of the 100th year of the
    Indianapolis Radio Club and have volunteered for another year of service.

    2014 Officers:
    · President: Dave Spoelstra, N9KT – EMAIL
    · Vice Pres.: Dave Miller, K9RTT - ..EMAIL
    · Secretary: Ken Bandy, KJ9B - ..EMAIL
    · Treasurer: Rhonda Curtis, WS9H - ..EMAIL
    · Chief Operator: Tom Chance, K9XV - ..EMAIL
    · Dir. at large: Jim Rinehart, K9RU – EMAIL
    · Dir. at large: Jerry Skoll, KC9DTB - ..EMAIL
    · Dir. at large: Bob Osterhous - ..EMAIL
    · W9JP Trustee: Don Hemenover, N9DOO – EMAIL

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