The Indianapolis Radio Club July 16, 2017

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The Indianapolis Radio Club is a general interest ham radio group that was founded in 1914 and has met continuously since. Major activities the club supports are a bus to the Dayton Hamvention (May 20, 2017), Field Day (Jun 24-25, 2017), HillTop contest (Sep 16, 2017), the IRC 2m Four Grid Award (see the "Operating" section) and our annual Christmas Party (Dec 15, 2017).

"Our meetings are held at Ivy Tech Community College 2535 N. Capitol Ave. near downtown Indianapolis in the 4th floor ballroom in the NMC building ( at 7:30 PM on the second (2nd) Friday of each month except for July and August. Preceding the meeting, there is an informal social session that starts at 7:00 PM, where members and visitors can chat and exchange information over refreshments."

The Ivy Tech radio club meetings are held concurrently with the Indianapolis Radio Club meetings.

There is an Amateur radio station W9JP located in the facility which the club operates and maintains. Talk in is normally on the 146.07/67 or the 146.10/70 repeater. See Pictures selection above for a view of the W9JP operating position.

Indianapolis Radio Club Meetings and Events

September 2017 Indianapolis Radio Club Meeting

Documentary Film, USS Indianapolis: The Legacy (runtime: 98 minutes)

Presented by The Indianapolis Radio Club
Friday, September 8, 2017 7:30pm–9:15pm

at Ivy Tech State College, 4th floor auditorium — 1 West 26th Street, Indianapolis , IN, United States, 46208

Experience this groundbreaking film, the story of the greatest sea disaster in U.S. Navy History, told for the first time by only the men who lived it. In the most top secret Navy mission of World War II, the crew of the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis delivers components of the atomic bomb to Tinian island. Four days later, two Japanese torpedoes sink the ship in the Challenger Deep, triggering an epic tale of survival. For five days, the 880 men who make it into the water battle searing sun, thirst, hundreds of sharks—and ultimately each other. Just 317 survive—only to band together again in a fifty-year fight to clear their captain's name. Set to a soaring original score, this incredible story unfolds with rare WWII footage, previously unpublished photographs, and new footage from one of the last WWII-era heavy cruisers still afloat. USS Indianapolis: The Legacy shows us that through courage and faith, ordinary men can survive the crucible of nature, and emerge extraordinary heroes.

FIELD DAY June 24-25, 2017:

The summaries and comments below copied from W9IND and WY9T posts.

Our final tally was 11,040 points.

The weather was perfect. Lows were in the 60s and highs in the 70s. (low humidity, too) There wasn't a rain drop in sight and not a single static crash in the headphones.

Jim Rinehart was able to save our 6M station effort and get us up and running again the last few hours of Field Day (6M was wide open).

Brian Smith (W9IND) put in a huge effort to organize our bonus points. And get this, because of his diligence, we took home 1500 bonus points out of a possible 1600 (not including the GOTA bonus). In effect, the bonus points were like doing an extra 750 phone contacts (the equivalent of 25 operators doing 50 contacts an hour on SSB).

For the first time ever that we know off, all HF stations had their schedules full for the whole 24 hours (that's 72 hours of non-stop operation). So a big thanks to everyone who operated and made the full schedule possible.  (And a special thanks to our overnight operators, Mike Kasrich (AJ9C), E.J. Caylor (KK9EJ) and Brian Smith (W9IND). These are tough shifts to operate and their efforts made a difference. Thanks guys).

Let’s not kid ourselves – we’d never have been able to put together this kind of effort without WY9T Bill’s scheduling wizardry and tireless behind-the-scenes work, from retrieving equipment to preparing the entry form. He even served as our Safety Officer, which gave us 100 bonus points.

So here’s to the Indianapolis Radio Club and the five other clubs that provided equipment, resources, planning, set-up and tear-down assistance, and above all, dedicated operators – HDXCC, W9IMS, RCA Amateur Radio Club of Indianapolis, Indy Midtown Amateur Radio Club, and Marion County ARES. And besides the people that Bill has already mentioned, I’d like to offer a tip of the hat to Dave Gingrich for the use of his amazing RV, Lawrence Common Council president Joe Williams for his interest in visiting our station, the Boy Scouts for allowing us to set up on their beautiful property, and Bill WY9T himself for all efforts great and small.

The Camp Belzer 2017 ARRL Feild Day Set Up Crew

Field Day 2017


The club members check into the weekly net on 220.80 or 224.98 at 8:00 local time Thursday Nights with a PL tone of 77HZ. The remote base audio at the 441.350 repeater site connects the 224.980 with the hub repeater.    

The weekly six meter experimental net is on the 52.7 IPL repeater at 7:30 local time on Thursday nights.

Slow code traffic net. ICN will meet every evening on 3535 Khz at 00:00Z. CW speeds max out at about 13 wpm, feel free to QNI (check in).


· President: David Spoelstra, N9KT –
· Vice Pres.: Dave Miller, K9RTT -
· Secretary: Ken Bandy, KJ9B -
· Treasurer: Rhonda Curtis, WS9H -
· Chief Operator: Jace Thompson, KD9BIG -
· Dir. at large: Jim Rinehart, K9RU –
· Dir. at large: Ron Cooper, WB9DKL -
· Dir. at large: Mark Burke, W9MGB -
· W9JP Trustee: Jay Kraus, W9TC -

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