Indianapolis Radio Club

Indianapolis Radio Club Field Day 2024

Take a look at the sign up options here (there are plenty of different opportunities):
Field Day 2024 sign up sheet and schedule
We especially need Hams to fill the role of Safety Officer, Public Affairs Officer, Education Officer, and GOTA Station Supervisor.
You can be signed up as a radio operator at the same time.
If you are nervous about committing, please stop by anytime and jump in the fun!

  • Field Day ARRL Link
  • Field Day location map

  • Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett was kind enough to proclaim June 22 & 23, 2024 Amateur Radio Field Day in Indianapolis, IN.

    2024 Mayoral Proclomation

    Who: All interested Hams and open to the public

    What: Field Day HF, VHF/UHF, GOTA and Traffic stations with an earthquake scenario

    When: 8am June 22nd – 6pm June 23rd, 2024

    Where: Speedway Municipal Center, 5300 Crawfordsville Rd, Speedway, IN 46224 North parking lot

    Why: To demonstrate Amateur Radio Communications capabilities to government agencies and the public
    while conducting earthquake exercise communications with the Marion County EOC
    and passing Health & Welfare traffic to family and friends around the country.

    Talk-in Frequency: W9RCA Repeater, 146.880(-,88.5

    The Club will provide all necessary radios,
    but if you would like to operate using your callsign, feel free to bring your own radio and antenna.

    Or if you just feel more comfortable using your rig, we will put your radio on the club antenna.

    We will be operating purely on battery and solar power

    A separate but related item is the Speedway Library has approved an Amateur Radio display case for the month of June.

    Hope to see you at Field Day!
    Jeff N9NIC IRC Field Day Coordinator

    Speedway Town Council Meeting (April 1, 2024):

    Presentation and Approval of IRC Amateur Radio Field Day starts at 2:20