Indianapolis Radio Club

2022 Indianapolis Areq Nets

Sunday State Wide ARES net 75 meters 3.9MHZ 5pm local time

Sunday: 7:00 pm Johnson County net on Franklin repeater 146.835 (-), 151.4 Hz tone

Sunday 8:00 pm Hamilton County net on Noblesville repeater 145.17 (+),77.0 Hz tone

Sunday 8:30 pm Ohio Link YSF network on WiresX & YSF 40557

Monday 8:00 pm Crossroads DMR net on Brandmeister talkgroup 31189

Monday 1915 ET MC CERT Net 443.250, 442.650 Mon.

Tuesday: 7:30 pm Hendricks County ARES net on Danville W9HCA repeater,145.130 (-), 88.5 Hz tone

Tuesday 8:00 pm Indiana State Wide DMR information net on Brandmeister talkgroup 3118

Wednesday night Marion County ARES net 10/70 repeater Marion County ARES Wednesdays, 23:30 UTC 146.700 open repeater MC ARES Net Wed 146.700 Wed 1930 ET.

Wednesday: 8:00 pm "Welcome to Amateur Radio Net" on W9WIN linked repeater system (Indy link 444.325 (+), 136.5 tone)

Thursday 7:30 pm local time Six Meter net on the 52.7 repeater 136.0 tone

Thursday 1900 ET IN Division SATERN Net 146.880.

Thursday: 7:00PM, Salvation Army Net, 146.880 (-, 88.5 Hz tone, W9RCA, West side of Indpls)

Thursday: 8:00 pm Indiana D-Star Net on D-Star reflector 24B

Indiana Traffic Net daily 3.912 0830 ET and 3.910 1800 ET. Take and provideIndianapolis traffic as needed. 13:30 UTC

RV service net 7.191 7-9 am

North American Traffic and Awards Net Nightly, 21:00 UTC 7.185

SATERN Net 14.325 Mon, Wed, Fri and 14.320 Saturday 1130 ET. Often hearMark Burke, W9MGB from Melbourne, FL.

Central Indiana Skywarn repeater map

Central Indiana Skywarn repeater map

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